The Canton Palace Theatre International Film Festival

October 7-10, 2010

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11 am - 7:30 PM




3:30 - 5:25 PM --  California Institure of the Arts Film and Video Program
(w/ a 10 min. break)

1. Chit Chat Amongst the Giants by Spencer Holden / 5:50 min. / 2010 / Docu-comedy
This video takes current events and asks the question: what is man in the infinite?

2. Aberrations in the Cycle by Beaux Mingus / 6:12 min. / 2010 / Experimental
A microscopic view of both sound and image.

3. Goodbye by Stephanie Swaim / 3:27 min. / 2010 / Experimenatal
Letting go. Going within and releasing, an exploration of femininity.

4. Castaic Lake by Brigid McCaffrey / 28:30 min. / 2010 / Experimental Documentary
Taking its course, the camera drifts into the coves and surveys the shorelines of this multi-use reservoir to unearth fragments of its young history and consider a series of possible relationships to this man-made environment.

5. Forgiveness by (Kelly) Sun J. Kim / 1:10 min. / 2010 / Experimental
A visual statement about forgiveness: I attempt a psychological encounter between the unconscious and consciousness in order to help reconcile them.

6. Manahan by Kelman Duran / 30:30 min. / 2010 / Experimental Documentary
Manahan lives in Harlem.

7. Terrain/Refrains by Hong Huynh / 3:00 min. / 2010 / Experimental
An experimental medley originating on 16mm celluloid which pays homage to Man Ray as well as other direct-on-film approaches.

9. Ancient Eyes by Matt Reed / 6:06 min. / 2010 / Experimental
Cross your eyes to overlap the left and right circle to reveal a third mandala in the center. The sound recreates the frequency of a sleep state along with a slowed down Tibetan Rite to attract the spirit of kindness.

Student Films Block 5


5:40 - 7:30 PM --  Columbia University (New York) Film Program
(w/ a 10 min. break)

1. The Christmas Carrot Directed by Shawn Wines/ 11 min / USA 2010 / Narractive Fiction C

2. Goodbye Sweetheart by Valerie Bischoff / 10 min. / USA / 2009 / Narrative Fiction
June struggles to say good-bye to her boyfriend Cyrus. When they reach the end of the line, she reveals her guarded secrete.

3. The Queen  Directed by Christina Choe / 5 min / USA / 2009 / Narrative Fiction
Bobby, a Korean-American teenage outcast, is working at his parents dry cleaners on prom weekend. When the prom queen and her boyfriend, stop by with their dress and tuxedo, Bobby has his own prom to remember.

4. Bone White  Directed by Michael Toscano / 15 min / USA / 2010 / Narrative Fiction
Claire and George look like the perfect couple, but when an innocent flirtation with her mysterious neighbor ends tragically, the rifts between them are revealed and she is left with no choice but to escape.

5. In Plain Sight  Directed by Alexis Perkins / 9 min. / USA / 2008 / Narrative Fiction
On what is supposed to be a relaxing day off, a young woman encounters trouble...but not where she expected it.

6. The Last Cigarette  Directed by Brooke Sebold / 8 min. / USA / 2010 / Narrative Fiction
When a teenage runaway is unexpectedly confronted by her father on her smoke break, she gives him the length of a cigarette to convince her to come home.


7. Junkyard Jesús  Directed by Christoph Kuschnig / 12 min. / USA / 2010 / Narrative Fiction
Manny fences cars for quick cash. When he brings his buddy Jesus in on the scam, their friendship takes a dangerous for the worse.

8. Junkyard Dogs  Directed by Sohrab Noshirvani / 14 min / USA / 2009 / Narrative Fiction
When Eddie goes to help his older brother Jay break into a junkyard to prove his manhood, he discovers that becoming a man means more than getting your hands dirty.

9. Junkyard July  Directed by Rory Haines / 15 min / USA / 2009 / Narrative Fiction
When junkyard owner Big Mike's estranged son rolls on the lot to say he's leaving town, he realizes too late that this last chance to reconnect means goodbye forever.

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